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A New Marketing Collaboration For UK Market

Beste Eşerler
Beste Eşerler
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The iconic worldwide luxury travel brand Abercrombie & Kent has decided to make a marketing collaboration with the British Accor Group -a public support service company- for UK media planning and marketing campaign initiatives, last week. With this new contract, all buying campaigns, marketing activities and media planning issues of the iconic brand are belonging to the Accord Group now…

Founded by Geoffrey JW Kent in 1962, the Africa based company known in luxury travel industry with specific niche travel plans to its clients since the foundation day. Abercrombie & Kent is quite active in the global market that it’s considered as one of the leading companies of the industry which continues to be active with its worldwide partners and customer portfolio by international brand of luxury travel policies.

An Efficient Marketing Collaboration Trough Special Mediums

Regarding the agreement with Accord Group for the promotional campaign has launched in September that travel brand’s collaboration will continue until January. Luxury travel magazine are chosen to start the promotion campaign by the marketing team as the 2016 media planning is already scheduled.

Regarding to this newest marketing collaboration; as marketing campaigns carried out in offline, advertising and social media channels will be support this process.

To observe the maximum effect, campaign banners and advertising space has chosen to be located in the most upscale neighbourhoods particularly in London city in England and all around the United Kingdom.

The Abercrombie & Ken reputation with Accord Group dynamism…

The Product and Commercial Director of A&K Charlie Bateson has made a statement for this new collaboration of the brand as: “We combine our forces with Accord Group, the company’s expertise in target consumers market and the experience of Abercrombie & Kent in luxury tourism sector… With our reputation, our stakeholders and the Accord’s dynamic approach, we provide to our customers to live a unique travel experience.”

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