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A Wonderful Castle In Europe: Belgium-2

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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The second part of A Wonderful Castle In Europe: Belgium series, we will continue to introduce the historical and touristic destinations of Belgium, which the one is more impressive than the other one.


Our first destination, Ypres municipality, which was destroyed during the 1st World War and was rebuilt right after, locates in Flandre Region. The Cloth Hall, the famous architecture of Ypres, which is one of the largest commercial structures of middle ages, is in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The traditional events of Ypres could be the only reason to visit there; because this municipality has the lovely and interesting events like Ypres Westhoek Rally and Canoe Polo Tournament, which are the annuals events of Ypres. Also, you would have a lot of fun at the Cat Parade events where people wear witch, cat or a a  Middle Age dress. This event happens once every three year.

The touristic destinations of Ypres Municipality are Lakenhal or Cloth Hall, Sint-Maartens/Saint Martin’s Cathedral, Town Centre and Menin Gate.


Ypres, Belgium


As you can understand from its name, Waterloo municipality is the place where the Battle of Waterloo -one of the famous wars in Europe during French Imperial Napolion time- happened. After this battle, the ‘Waterloo’ name hasn’t changed. Destinations that should be seen (especially for who want to have more information about Battle of Waterloo) are Lion’s Mound Hill and Sainth Joseph Katholid Church. You should visit also Argenteuil and Cheval Castle.


Waterloo, Belgium


This location is in Wallonia Region, Bastogne, which is an ideal location for ride-lovers. Liège–Bastogne–Liège Classic Bicycle Race is one of the famous cycle races, takes place since long time in Bastogne.

The places that we advise you to visit: Bastogne War Museum, 101st Airborne Museum, Romanesque Tower, Mardasson Memorial, The Porte de Trèves.


Bastogne, Belgium


Mons has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture this year. The important high courts of Belgium exist in Mons, where is accepted also as the capital of culture of Wallonia Region. Furthermore, Brussel, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Lille as just one car way away from Mons Municipality.


Mons, Belgium


Rue des Récollets, Topiary Park, Old Town of Durbuy, Radhadesh – Chateau de Petite Somme, Durbuy Adventure Park and LPM Nature & Adventure Park should be seen in Durbuy city which is still protected with its historical and natural sides.


Durbuy, Belgium


The city that changes our idea about the municipality is certainly Dinant. Tell us please, who doesn’t want to live in this lovely municipality?


Dinant, Belgium

Flanders Battlefield Tours

Flanders Battlefield Tours that gained Certificate of Excellence 2015 from TripAdvisor project us completely the conditions of war.


Flanders Battlefield Tours, Belgium

Pairi Daiza

One of the famous zoos in Belgium, Pairi Daiza was founded in 1993. You have the chance to see much kind of animals at the same time in Pairi Daiza.


Pairi Daiza, Belgium


If we say that Spa city is one of the most important mineral water producers? It would be nice to drink mineral water after the exploration of this city, which keeps together the history, nature and modernity…


Spa, Belgium


Oostende has diversified amount of the museums and touristic monuments. Also, Oostende is the closest location of Belgium to England. If you visit here one day, you wouldn’t leave without eating sauced roast chicken.


Oostende, Belgium


If you want to be in nature, also be lost in the history, you would drop over to Bouillion.



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