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A Wonderful Castle in Europe: Belgium

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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Exploring exists always in inside of us. It is such an interesting travel which will be continued until the end of our lives… At that time, our destination of this travel will be Belgium, as the castle of Europe with its location, history, unique style of architecture and cultural depth.

Imagine that we are in a street which has a beautiful wonderful style also with smells of chocolate. Also; Germany, Netherland, French and Luxemburg are as much close as just one railway away from us. We are in such a wonderful country that we can go depply through of the history and learn more than one languages. Also this country is famous for its beer, chocolate, mussel and fries. Yes that’s right, we’re talking about Belgium…

Capital of the European Union, country of tale: Belgium. Are you ready for being closer? Let’s get started than:


The host city of the European Parliament, Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, NATO, European Union Commission and capital city of Belgium, has one of the most multi-national population in the country. The city accepts the French and Dutch as official languages that we can see extensively French and Dutch community in the city. By looking to the wonderful view, you may not believe but this city was founded on the marsh and the name ‘Brussel’ means ‘zone of occupation in the marsh’. Furthermore, we advise to taste Brussels’s tasty flavors.

There you are some of them: Sea products with sauced, casserole, vegetable dishes, Waterzooi and Anguille au vert.


Brussel, Belgium


Brugge have been proteged with its original arthitecture style since of medieval. You’ll find both; peace of mind and fun. And also, you’ll have a different experience at Brugge, especially with admiring canals, architecture and lovely streets. An important detail for beer and chocolate lovers; this city is very famous for beer and chocolate.


Brugge, Belgium


One of the oldest town in Europe, Antwerp, known as a host city of First World Gymnastics Championship and 1920 Summer Olympics. Also, the Port of Antwerp has a highly importance for Belgium as the Europe.

Destinations should be visited: Schelde River, Our Lady Cathedral, Antwerp City Hall, Central Station, Saint Paul’s Church, Het Steen Fortress, Courthouse


Antwerp, Belgium


The best thing of Belgium that you’ll see a beautiful architecture anywhere you go in the country. You can see that as weel in Ghent.

Some of the important destinations of Ghent are Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Lys River, Schelde River, Museum of Fine Arts, Genste Feesten, Gravensteen, Belfry Tower


Ghent, Belgium


The biggest city of Wallonia Region, Liège, is one of the cultural, educational and industrial centre of Wallonia.

Touristic destinations: Royal Opera of Wallonia, Pierre Van Beneden, Fontaine des Trois Grâces, Prince-Bishops’ Palace, Saint-Lambert Place, Guillemins Railway Station.


Liège, Belgium


French is spoke in Namur which is between of the Brussel and Luxemburg cities, the capital city of Wallonia Region. It is another economical and industrial centre of Wallonia like Liège.

The most popular destinations of Namur: Trésor d’Hugo d’Oignies, Saint-Loup Monastery, Jambes Bridge and castle, La halle Al’Chair, Musée Provincial des Arts Anciens du Namurois, Armes Place.

P.S. Felicien Rops Museum and Citadel in Namur, has gained a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor.


Namur, Belgium


The biggest and famous university in Belgium, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is here.

Touristic places are Leuven Cultural Centre, Katolik University Library, Leuven Museum, Leuven Place, Abbey Park, Dyle River and Leuven Town Hall.


Leuven, Belgium

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