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Access to Whatsapp Are Totally Free Anymore

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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Jan Koum, who is the foundator of the most prevalent mobile apps of the world Whatsapp, explained that use price of the application was abolished. Whatsapp becomes totally free anymore.

Whatsapp, which has the furthest users mobile calling and texting application in the world, affirmed a good news for its users at the first days of 2016. According to Koums’s informations, Whatsapp turnes completely free anymore.

As you know, the app have been used for a year since it downloaded. After a years test period, you must pass paid version of the app. But some users, who don’t want to pay the cost, applies some alternative ways like re-downloading.

With this news, as the users will save non-free access obstacle, it is aimed to augment count of members.

Why Whatsapp is free?

With 900 billion active users, Whatsapp application is among the cyber services, which has the highest registered users. On the other hand, Whatsapp hasn’t enough member from the developing countries like India and Brasil. Koum aimed to reach the users from these countries. Also he said:

“Many WhatsApp users don’t have a debit or credit card number and they worried they would lose access to their friends and family after their first year,”

So, it seems that Whatsapp purposes to reach the new people with this strategie.

New income models

Whatsapp passed free version but some questions occur the minds. The most important question is how Whatsapp monetise. The app have been refused to take adds. Company authoriseds haven’t take any statements anymore. But Koum said that they are working on finding new and alternative income models.

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