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Airbus : Customers’ Command is our Wish

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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For the first time in travel industry Airbus aircraft construction company is directly realizing a Project designed by passengers who attended the online survey “the cabin of the future”.


“Airspace” was introduced this week in London and aims only to satisfy passengers states Strategy and Marketing Executive Vice President Dr.Kiran Rao: “In the past, we just created a great product and we allowed the airlines to customize it and to do what they want to do on the airplane, today we’re reaching out to the passengers who fly on the aircraft. Today they are making big decisions based on product, and the experience that they have. So we listen to our customers and our customers’ customers.”


Airbus targets to meet the passengers with A330neo within the year 2017. Known so far, A350 had the best cabin air. Now A330neo will also have the same fresh air inside the cabin and moreover decoratively focused points.


Travelers comfort seek during their flights has started this project which reflects the customers’ of customers’ point of view for company Airbus.

In the close future, passengers will look for the option of flying in an Airspace cabin, say the Airbus Authorities who will also be in close contact with airlines in order to follow that no massive changes are done to the cabin design.


Airspace does not only have more space for passengers but also bigger room for luggage’s and very decorative, space like lightening.

Enjoy your flight.



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