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AnadoluJet Airlines Youth Program: Jetgenc

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Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Turkish Airlines brand AnadoluJet did not forget the younger generation while targeting to give everyone the opportunity to “ fly “ to their destinations.

The youth program of AnadoluJet named Jetgenc covers passengers between the ages from 13 to 25 and is a platform where young passengers can collect tickets and win or receive discount in accordance.




The only thing to do is to apply to the program from the www.jetgenc.net web site.

After the membership is confirmed, the passengers can start collecting points for their advantages by only submitting their mobile phone numbers during flights.




Passengers aged between 13 – 25 can win one free of charge ticket after 10 flights and even 2 tickets after 20 flights having the flexibility to use this bonus tickets within a time period of a whole year whenever wanted in AnadoluJet flights.

This program does not include the points of the passengers only, also relatives and friends can collect for the member to use them afterwards for free tickets or certain discounts.




Jetgenc is the first platform of its kind and enables teenagers to fly with additional 20% discounted tickets with AnadoluJet.

At first, the “Jetgenc Youth Club” was established to enable the university students to meet in different cultural and art organizations. The mission of the club was to open new doors for the younger generation and create a meeting point for new friends.




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