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Art+Travel= The Jaunt Book

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jaunt-book-london-artists-1An artist is a globetrotter in nature, either in mind or physically. The Jaunt is a unique art project that combines art and travel.

It sends artists all over the world to step outside their comfort zone and experience new surroundings, find new inspirations and translate them into work. 

The Jaunt was launched by Jeroen Smeets in 2013 who is a keen traveler himself and started as a project to take artists out of their comfort zones send them to discover new places and ways of seeing the world—and create some truly exciting art in the process.

jaunt-book-london-artists-3All artists who take part in The Jaunt are sent to places they’ve never visited.  “It has to be a complete new surrounding for them. There are two different scenarios for how we find the final destination with the artist. Either I have an idea about which destination fits with a certain artist, and propose that to the artist. Or I ask the artists what their five favorite destinations in the world are that they haven’t visited yet, their ultimate bucket list if you will. I think without any exceptions, Japan has been on every one of those lists,” Smeets says.

jauntbook05web1The result is a 200-page insight into how artists’ works are shaped by their surroundings. 



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