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Asif Khan: Privacy within Society

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Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The London Design Festival 2016 was a great success as usual. Connected to the festival, architect Asif Khan designed, built and placed at the southern parts of London “third places” which are not like home, nor like offices.

Khan designed three different concepts within the whole structure. The polycarbonate box like pavilions were hiding the inside but also transparent enough to Show what was necessary.

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The real aim of Khan was to make use of the free spaces left around the cities and how these places could be come under review. Pavilions, also enriched with many plants, trees and flowers created a very unique and different atmosphere, more comfortable than any coffees or parks.

The pavilions were named Connect – Create and Relax. Each one has the hidden conceptual meaning in its name.

Relax was kept in a higher level and people had to climb over a little cliff in order to reach it.

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Connect had a corridor and saloon like space in it which enabled people to communicate easier.

Create had the right places for mobile phones, lap tops and all other needed equipment in order to enable you the right atmosphere to “create”.

“There are nowadays many communities in Shoreditch that are overlapping each other,” Khan tells.


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“You’ve got the tech startups, you’ve got Friday-night traffic of people coming out to party, you’ve got an established residential community, and it’s an incredibly busy thoroughfare for cars and pedestrians. Those communities don’t cross positively. They don’t help each other or learn from each other,” he continued. “What we tried to do here is create a space that the different communities can all use.”

The plant-filled spaces – named Connect, Create and Relax – are underpinned by the Japanese idea of shinrin-yoku, which translates as forest bathing.

Forests is a continuation of MINI Living, a project from the car company based on predictions for future city living. MINI Living began with an installation during this year’s Milan design week.





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