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Backpacking Trip ? Here is what you need

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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First of all, if you are able to pack everything you need into one bag, you are brave enough not to care about comfort and business classes.

Even if we are not going to remind you about plane tickets, we still have a list of the Essentials you must have in your bag:

1)  First Aid Kit

Let’s face it, your choice might not be the safest one but we still hope for the best. A mosquito has bitten and you are looking for the right tool that is in your first aid kit, perfect to have one with.

2) Money Belt

Although you might hate to wear one of those, they will become one of your best friends and keep all your valuable belongings close and safe enough with you.

3) Little Pack for Daily Needs

Assume that you spontaneously want to travel on with a bike for a change, a little bag to carry the most important Essentials will be very delightful and not so heavy for you to speed up. Practical, isn’t it ?

4) Suitable trekking footwear

You should certainly have a pair of trekking shoes with you. These kind of shoes will protect you from many different natural and supernatural challenges.

5) Microfiber Towels

You will not have the possibility to clean up in detailed manner, therefore cleaning quick, drying out quick, here is a tip, the microfiber towels.

6) Head-mounted Flashlights

Although you might be a master in planning the distances within the day time, somehow you might be caught in darkness. Upon such a surprise, your hands would still be free thanks to the head mounted flashlight in your bag.

7) Sewing Kit

OK, we know you do not have three big cases of clothing with you, then please do not forget your sewing kit in case of emergency.

8) Pen and paper

A pair of oldies but goldies, you will be always in need of writing certain memories or addresses down. Do not trust your handy device when you have immortal friends instead.

Now you are ready to go …


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