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Break Your Beard Free: A Hipster Holiday

Beste Eşerler
Beste Eşerler
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The latest fashion trend, very far away from mainstream, unusual habits and don’t forget the beard: a hipster. When we say that this popular style has their own nature, preferences and desires of this group would be definitely different from well-accepted as well as their holiday decisions. Keep calm and be a hipster; make your choice for the best holiday ever!

What makes a hipster different from others? Habits? Clothes? The way of thinking? Maybe all of them makes this group unique and ‘stylish’ for the most of us. As the habits of a hipster cause a different way of choosing, the holiday preferences should be also very far from the usual way. So, if you’re a hipster and just at the beginning of the way; if you still don’t have any idea how to spend a hipster holiday, there you have some hipster style holiday option below:


Rocky Beard

Rocky Beard

Imagine a studio converted to a hotel room with all equipment, including guitars, drums, keyboards and more. This offer is better if you have also the recording option that in this place, you’ll have it. Devon’s Woodland is certainly one of the best places for hipster who are looking for a musical holiday.

Attention: Music ability is counting here!


Game of Thrones

Just Like Coming From Game of Thrones

When we say beard, after a hipster of course, we think directly the most famous television series ever: Game of Thrones. This place will make you feel like you’re staying in medieval age with the woody decoration and a middle fireplace. Upcott Roundhouse, the modern Game of Thrones studio has definitely made to make you feel like a real hipster.


How about renting a trailer?

A Trailer Adventure

What can be more hipster than a trailer? Nothing! It’s just the best way of breaking free just like as you do it for your hipster beard. Get one trailer and drive it to wherever you want.


Bonus: The Beard in the House

Staying in your hispter house would be the be maybe the best way of a hipster holiday. Take your favorite book with a black coffee and a blanket, put your favorite dubstep music on and enjoy… Happy hipster holiday!

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