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Bucket List Series Vol 11: Portugal- Lisbon

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Where were we? In the last post we will started to explore Portugal and we mentioned typical coast, foods, accommodation, transportation mostly. If you want to check it out, you can click here. Today we will stay on the top of activities and places that you must see. We will mention about Lisbon on this post.

Let’s dig more,

yellow trams

yellow trams


Visit the capital city of Portugal first. You can start your Lisbon adventure walking through Old Town Alfama to feel the texture of the city.

Visit Lisboa Cathedral this peaceful cathedral from 12th century offers free entrance which built on the grounds of mosque.



Jardim Botanico Exploration This one of the greatest public gardens in Lisbon, you can find the happiness in the middle of the city inside of the park.

It’s also best for late-night picnic.

The Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art This place will be terrific for art lovers. Because museum offers various selection from Picasso, Dali, Duchamp, Bacon, Pollock, and more.

Castle of St. George this castle located in historic area of the city. The oldest part of the caste living from 2nd century. The entrance fee of the castle about 8.50 euro.

Praça do Comércio –

Praça do Comércio 

Monumental Square: Praça do Comércio –Visit the biggest square of the Lisbon to take interesting shots for your travel album, shopping, dining and eating delicious gelato. Walk the Comercio Square which is riverfront square that to capture impressive shots. The places in the square both interesting and photogenic, also you can relax at the riverside.



Ride “elevator” and trams

The elevator I’m talking about named Elevador de Santa Justa which a century old.  You can ride for experiencing picturesque view of the city.

The city is also old fashioned tram which will feel you nostalgic. Sit the tram and look around you. It’s best way to exploring the city.

Don’t forget the visit The Belem Tower : The tower is Lisbon’s one of the most well-known symbol which built in 1515 as a lighthouse.

We will continue Portugal the best place to see on next post.

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