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California Unpacked: Beautiful City Exploration

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After long and tiring Los Angeles , Hollywood and San Francisco trips we will continue our journey with exploring small attractions inside the California.

Let’s start…


Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara widely known as “Riviera of the West”, you can reach Santa Barbara from L.A easily. It only takes 100 miles.

Santa Barbara offers great things for you. Cultural things, dining and shopping experience unique and various.

When you get Santa Barbara, firstly join the hop-on hop- off tour for discovery.  Then go the beach. East Beach is the famous beach of the Santa Barbara.

Visit Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, see closely natural history of the region like life-sized Blue Whale skeleton, check the hidden treasures behind the stories. Also you can check out the Museum of Art as well to discover Roman heritage and Europe’s modern art together.

If you have a plenty of time you can also visit Botanical Garden as well. This botanical park established in 1926 for scientific purposes  and also this botanical garden oldest among botanical garden for making scientific experimentations. You will get a chance to see native flora closely.

You can also get a change to do plenty of other things like:  surfing , hiking, playing golf, joining wine tours also taste various wines.



Located in Santa Barbara Country in Southern California. I’m sure you will love it this tiny villages because it’s super cute! Solvang is known as special feature of  Danish-themed villages. Besides, when you get there you possibly think this kind of town cannot be real.  Solvang has a dreamy beauty. Since Solvang founded , Danish immigrants live there. and also you will see the few but great examples of the Danish architecture in there.

I suggest to you guys rent a bike and go on a city tour first. If you feel hungry you will take a break at famous Danish butter cookies in downtown.

Picnic is highly suggested option in Solvang to. Stop over the Farmers Market to buy fresh things and don’t forget to buying wine for picnic.


Then hit the road for Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite is one of the greatest and 3rd most visited national park that located in east central California. Yosemite is also in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. You will amazed the beauties of the natures, lakes, hiking trails and the trees at  this national park. But always be careful for grizzly bears .

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