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Calypso: Heritage of Captain Cousteau is in Turkey

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Jacques-Yves Cousteau, lived between the years 1910 – 1997. He was a French Naval Officer, ocean expert and also a movie director. The ship, named Calypso which enabled him to make more than hundreds of documentaries and write many books is nowadays being repaired in Turkey, at the Yalova shipyard.




The 42 meters long ship together with the captains’ memories came first to Izmit Derince Port in April 2016 and was then transferred to Yalova. The ship itself was transported with a Cargo ship and its scientific research equipment, as well the machinery was transported via containers to Turkey.

The Cousteau Foundation chairman and also captain’s wife Francine Cousteau said that, “Cousteau, wanted always that Calypso is being repaired and sails to the open sea during his life. Now, his two motors are being fixed more stronger than ever before”. It is known that the reparation period will last for around 3 / 4 months.




Before Cousteau bought the ship in 1950, Calypso was a minesweeper coastal and hit the seas in 1942 for the first time. The captain put afterwards one helicopter landing area and two submarine and its equipment on the deck.




Calypso headed 3 oceans and 17 seas together with Captain Cousteau and was seriously damaged during an accident in Singapore 30 years ago.

FILE -- The French sea explorer and documentary-maker Jacques Cousteau, shown in this undated file photo, died Wednesday morning June 25, 1997 at his Paris home. He was 87. The underwater adventurer, filmmaker, author, environmentalist and scuba pioneer who opened the mysterious world beneath the seas to millions of landlocked readers and viewers had reportedly been ill for months. (AP Photo/The Cousteau Society)


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