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China Boost Economy With Tourism

China Boost Economy With Tourism
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After the whole poor economic data, and devaluation of Yuan (about % 2) World’s second largest economy China have difficult days. So they think tourism is the best solution for recovering the bad economic situation.

China also thinks if they  tourism finds investment funds for construct new tourist spots like theme parks, camping space  could lift the bad economy.

Government trust fast expanding middle class who like leisure spending, they saw this community as a new propulsive power of economy.

They plan to increase leisure spending to 5.5 trillion Yuan approximately $886 billion by 2020.

Government working on free wireless internet connection around 10.000 destinations mostly visited by tourists.  Besides they will invest ten  new cruise ports which are construed by 2020, for boosting cruise vacation tourism then support economic growth.

They also planned  to built approximately 1000 camp grounds and 57.000 toilet for tourist by 2020 too. Tourists spot specially target older Chinese people who loves spending.

Tax breaks coming from  more holiday destinations also the other key points in the plan. According to limited information given from cabinet, the fund will be provided from private investors and project partners.

They also thinking about new airport that located in northwest of China with new parking lots, holiday hotels and construction of new roads will made with the help of funding.

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