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Copenhagen Hosts More Bicycles Than Cars

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Copenhagen, Denmark is a whole heaven on earth for bicycles and the city center for the first time in its history hosts more bikes than cars.


The municipality of Copenhagen started to take statistics comparing cars to bikes in the 1970’s. Back in those years, the comparison was around 100 thousand bikes to 351 thousand cars.

The up to date statistics show how things have changed since then. Today, around 265,700 bikes hit the roads in Copenhagen whereas only 252,600 cars are documented in the traffic.


The President of the Biking Foundation in Denmark, actor and writer Mr. Klaus Bondam underlines the positive difference of additional 35 thousand bikes in traffic and adds that: “Ritt Bjerregaad and her interest in cycling is the main reason in the increase of this number”.

Copenhagen inhabitants realize day by day that cycling is a more healthier and yet easier, a far more faster way as a transport method compared to cars.


Copenhagen Cycling Strategy 2011 – 2025

Copenhagen tries to transform the cycling habit into a culture, a lifestyle and an understanding. Therefore, many different projects are going on throughout the city. All cycling ways and bridges are renovated and everything is targeted for a “carbon free Copenhagen” until the year 2025.


It is easily seen that when circumstances are suitable, people leave their cars at home and prefer the more healthier way to travel around.

Respectfully announced to the authorities.



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