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Cycling 50 Thousand KM Worldwide

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Are you dreaming about the life you want to live or living the life of your dreams ?

There are many travelers who have or have not the financial backup and start to explore the World and share their every moment online.

Our article’s hero is Dino, an Italian guy born in 1977 who started cycling with his old bicycle from Africa to Tibet, from the Himalayas to South Africa brave enough to be all alone during his trip.


Some travelers, even some of us love sharing the least uncomfortable experience like a dirty hotel room instantly in their blogs or social platforms unlike Dino, who camps with his food and jackets and thinks about sharing everything afterwards, or even not..

Sometimes he needs to decide between heavy windy weather or rainy weather and those times head or tails are his only friends to decide with.

His free soul is combined with his energetic nature.

Dino Lanzaretti says: “Everyone of us has fears… running away from these fears might not be the right choice. I preferred cycling”


He travels for the sake of travel and has not even the funds to do so. Therefor he stops here and there, works for a few months and as soon as he gathers the necessary cash he goes on cycling.

He has already left more than 52 thousand km behind and enjoys his way like he won the lottery without even buying a ticket.

Despite having the most difficult times especially in his first 8 thousand km when he broke his bicycle a zillion times and got injured, Dino is not dreaming about his life he wanted to live, he lives the life of his dreams.

Do the same ! Start now.


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