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2. Cycling Festival in the Blacksea

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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This festival makes you experience everything; cycling on the coastline of the beautiful Blacksea region and high up in the mountains where the most amazing combination of blue & green can be seen.

The Governship of Giresun City and Culture & Tourism Management came together with the many foundations who support the healthy way of living with cycling and organized the first festival in 2015, from the 29th of July till the first of August.

Now, having great attendance for the first one, the second festival is going to be organized between the dates 27 to 30 July 2016, “the Blacksea Cycling Festival”.


The target of this cycling tour organization is to make its attendees experience the natural beauties of Giresun City, which by the way was chosen the city with the cleanest air in Turkey.

Being the first and only festival of its kind in the Blacksea region of Turkey, the bicyclers are going to be safe thanks to the co-operation with the Governship and traffic police having planned to stop car traffic once the bicyclers are on the way or up in the mountains.


According to the scheduled route, the festival is going to start in Piraziz with a ceremony and the bicyclers will be heading to highlands named Kümbet (with a stop in the camping area), Çıkrıkkapı, then to the challenging ways down to Aksu – Karagöl, Bektaş, Ordu Çambaşı and Paşakonağı Highlands again, ending on the fourth day with a closing ceremony in the city center.



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