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Destinations Welcoming Tourists the Most

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Destinations Welcoming Tourists the Most

With the technology we use nowadays we can reach most destinations without even going there and can explore them virtually. However, does this take the place to be there physically and experience the real atmosphere of the destination?

We all do have a bucket list including destinations and places we want to visit as long as it is possible.

Here comes a list which consists of touristic places which appeals for everyone the most:

The Niagara Falls

One of the most unarguable places for tourists to visit is in the United States. The Niagara Falls are among the important destinations because of the water amount it carries and the many falls it has living in it.


The Sensoji Temple

More than 30 million people do visit the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan yearly. Being one of the oldest temple, it is in the Asakusa region.


Las Vegas

Gambling, fun and adventure all in one package. Las Vegas is surely one of the most visited places on earth with a yearly tourist number of 30 million 500 thousand people.


The Central Park

Again, a classical American destination in New York City. The symbol so to say, the Central Park. After taking security precautions, tourists enjoy the deepest green possible with the colorful people from every nation.


The Times Square

The center not only of New York but also celebrating new years and more. The Times Square is the exact spot where you can sit on a bank and let the hours pass by only watching and being harmonized by the view and what’s all going on around. So, do at least 50 million tourists a year.


And.. the Grand Bazaar Turkey

More than 90 million tourists come each year and 250 / 400 thousand daily to visit and shop at the Grand Bazaar Istanbul. One of the oldest centers of Istanbul is the address for 60 shopping streets and around 5 thousand shops supplying jewelry, carpets, handmade ceramics, spices and antiques each one of its kind.


Source: Sanat Karavanı

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