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Do You Really Need to Pack Everything ?

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Some (including myself) create lists of “to do’s, to be packed” etc. Generally, these kinds of people really do not forget anything but then have the problem to re-pack them although having not touched at all during the trip.

Do not forget that everywhere around the World you will be able to find even your most urgent necessities.

Therefore, here comes a list which at least we hope lets you reconsider your packing habits:

You Are Not a Queen, Leave Your Jewelry at Home


You may be travelling to your best friends’ wedding or attending events where you will be fully dressed up. However, do not forget that even in such circumstances, you cannot wear all of your expensive jewelry. Choose the ones you like the most and let the others at Home (in the safe of course).



Ironed clothes are important of course but you can prefer to pack clothes that are of a fabric which get not wrinkled easily rather than carrying the heavy iron with you all the time. And also, have in mind that almost every hotel offers you an ironing service.

Mobil Equipment


Nowadays we have tablets, laptops, MP3 Players, and of course mobile phones and other devices. Good, they are useful BUT most of the times unnecessary to be taken to trips. Take the most useful one with you and leave the other and home to rest.

Personal Care Items


Do not forget that each liquid item will be a trouble at the airport at first. Take only the personal care items that you really need everyday and cannot replace. Have in mind that the hotel offers you free conditioner and shampoos.

Hair Dryer


Whether in a cruise or hotel, does not matter where you spend your holiday you will be able to find a hair dryer for sure. Let the worst happen, if you don’t find one, you will directly go to the hairdresser.

Printed Guide Books


Really ? They can be useful while planning your holidays but during your holidays you only need to touch your mobile phone and have access to every info you need including maps of single destinations.

Unnecessary Clothes


Pack only the clothes you really will be wearing and consider the weather conditions of your destination. Combined clothes will be time saving once you get up and want to explore the place you travel to.



Everybody knows that it is like self-confidence to have all shoes during a trip with you (as a woman, I do) but also it is known that you will need only one comfortable shoe and one fancy. The others may rest at home and wait for you to return.

Liquid Medicines


Have in mind that most countries do not allow medicines to be entered into the country. Take only the Daily used ones and leave the “if an emergency comes up” ones at home.

Have a safe trip.

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