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Dream Chaser: Spacecraft of Turkish Company

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Fatih Özmen and Eren Özmen had taken over the Sierra Nevada space research company in 1994. Nowadays the company is having exciting times due to the reason that the spacecraft named Dream Chaser is ready for its testing period.

The spacecraft, which is planned to hit the space within 2019, has a prototype in the center in Nevada. The tests continue to send the vehicle to the International Space Station, the ISS. Researches and studies are continuing but it has been announced that the Dream Chaser will be able to stay in the space for around 210 days after the takeoff. It is mostly going to be used to carry Cargo to ISS.

Sierra Nevada Corporation's Uncrewed Dream Chaser Docks to the ISS_Credited

Dream Chaser® has been designed in two ways. One carries only cargos, the other one can have crew too. In the close future, the station is planning to Project and produce more types.

Atlantis draft

The spacecraft can automatically takeoff, fly and land to the USA stations and international stations worldwide. It can carry up to 5500 kg Cargo which is suitable to NASA’s requirements.

Up to 7 crews’ capacity is one of its other features. It can also take advantage of the solar energy.

Everything began 10 years ago but with the cooperation of NASA (6 years ago) funds increased equally.

The spacecraft will be 9 meters long and universities and international partner companies work together in order to ensure that the Dream Chaser is going to be the safest vehicle ever.


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