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Erdek: The So Named Little Istanbul

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Erdek is a tourism and holiday center of the city Balıkesir and famous with its peaceful atmosphere thanks to the beauty of its nature and plenty of oxygen one gets from Kapıdağ. Erdek is surrounded with many places worth seeing.

Taking walks in the morning and / or evening times, cycling and for sure swimming, sand & sun.


The town is like divided into two with an unseen border. It has a port where you can get ferries to Avşa Island and this is the center of Erdek. When you go the right side you reach the places where many hotels are located and have many alternatives of different restaurants, bars and night clubs.

When you go to the left side from the center, you reach the more silent and less crowded place where many people have summerhouses and come every season.

You can go swimming both sides of Erdek but when you do not want to be disturbed, you should prefer the Yalı Street part which is also called as the “Kurbağlıdere”


Erdek has a windy weather and thanks to this and its cold water you do not burn out even in high temperatures during the summer season.

Since 2 / 3 years it has an aqualand, named “Erdekland” which is built only 4 km away from the center. Do not think about the big pools with giant slides only, it has a very different concept than that. The owner himself loves animals and takes care of hundreds. Therefore, the aqualand has also a Zoo and visitors are welcomed with a big Poseidon sculpture.

Erdek is reachable within two to three hours from Istanbul with ferries but you do not have the possibility to pass through it, you have to arrange a trip to Erdek.

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When you do so, do not forget to go up to the little mountain where (according to a story told) is Seyit Dede (Grandpa Seyit) and makes your wishes come true when you draw them with little Stones. Once you do this and your wish comes true, you have to go back to the same place and take your Stones home.

Have a nice vacation !


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