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EURO 2016 Live with Turkish Airlines

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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EURO 2016 Live with Turkish Airlines


Euro 2016 Championship which is organized this year in France starts on 10 June 2016. UEFA EURO 2016 sponsor Turkish Airlines is going to serve its passengers with live game broadcasting during its international flights in the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 type of aircrafts.

The joy of the tournament is not only going to last for the passengers during the flights but also in the famous waiting areas like the World wide known Lounge. Also a game console is prepared with the Euro 2016 theme within the Lounge.


Euro 2016 visuals already dressed the aircrafts of Turkish Airlines and now free tickets, special TV advertisements about the championship and even menus within the flights are prepared accordingly.

Besides this campaigns, Turkish Airlines is going to have special activity areas within the four cities in France and is going to host famous soccer fans there.



About Euro 2016 activities, Turkish Airlines Marketing and Sales General Manager Assistant Mr. Ahmet Olmuştur said that:

“Our most important target is to increase the experiences of our passengers. Does not matter if this will be thousands of meters high or on the ground, we really worked hard in order to enable the possibility to serve our guests with the privilege of watching a unique tournament for the soccer fans and combine it with our flights. We are looking forward to receive our passengers’ feedback about the campaign and foresee that our Euro 2016 sponsorship is going to strengthen our current success together with the concept we built up to enjoy the experience.”



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