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Expedia Launched “Home Rental” Facility

Expedia Launched "Home Rental" Facility
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Expedia made rental partnership with HomeAway with German Expedia and Fewo-direkt that is HomeAway’s German brand.

They also plan to launch home rental service in France too.

As you all remember, after Trip Advisor’s rivalry to Airbnb, now Expedia launch new service collaborate with HomeAway.

In Germany, Fewo-direkt home rental don’t show up everyone, because they want to test the new feature first, they use only Chrome browser, they don’t prefer to use Safari in test phase.

Expedia have not any vacation rental tool for home staying but if you want to search on Expedia for home, Fewo-direct ads show up and navigate you to Fewo-Direct.


You will be able to booking with using web site or contact the manager, booking confirmation time is pretty shortened, with pay using via Yapstone International.

Booking is the most important rival for Expedia on this way.

With this new feature that Expedia’s trying show us Airbnb’s homestay tourism trend and growing economy, and also tourists’ better experience wish direct big travel companies to home rental business.


Expedia’s Ceo express his feelings like : “We have a partnership with HomeAway. We’re expanding that partnership into Europe and we’re testing and learning in certain European markets and we’re very excited to do that because the vacation rental market tends to be quite strong in the European market, so we absolutely want to be there and we’re happy to be there with the HomeAway team.”

He also think about launched vacation rentals ““I think on vacation rentals, listen, I think we continue to test and learn”

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