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Fastfood Was Never Served So “Fast” Before

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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A futurist restaurant was recently opened in New York City. After succeeding in serving its customers food prepared totally automatic in San Francisco, the Eatsa Restaurant Chain decided to open another one in Manhattan, NY.




Eatsa, serving totally vegetarian food has a concept with no cashier, waiter or waitress. The customers directly order from mobile applications or the kiosks within the restaurant and take their ready orders from glassed boxes according to their order numbers.

The only ones serving are the Customer representatives that keep everything in order and talk to the customers for PR matters.




All the system (ordering, preparation and serving) is finished within 90 seconds, which means fastfood has never been so fast ever before.

The owner of Eatsa, Mr.Dave Friedberg points out that the automation system is not “cold” as defined by some parties, it totally aims to avoid unnecessary staff costs and thus serve healthier and better food with logical pricing.




Friedberg points out that: “When technology is used in an intelligent method, it can be very useful especially in the service industry. There is no reason to pay more for the same and more healthier food”.

The Eatsa system can serve around 600 to 700 orders within an hour.




According to Friedberg, most of the people prefer healthy food however these elements effect their choice of destination: the taste, the price and preparation time of the food.



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