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Final Period for Early Bookings in Cruise Holidays

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The advantages of early bookings where very special prices can be found is continuing, however we have reached the final period. Not only the prices in this period are more advantageous but also better arrangements for suitable accommodation possibilities can be organized nowadays. The same is also valid for holidays spent on cruises.




MSC Cruises, one of the biggest cruise companies in the World, Turkey General Manager Necla Tuncel states that around 55% of the quota is filled within the early booking period.




According to Tuncel: “I prefer to examine 2017 within two topics which are the winter season and the summer season. The most popular programs within the winter period were the ones with the destinations which are known to be warmer. Therefore, Cuba, the Caribbean, United Arab Emirates programs are the outstanding routes within the winter season. Also on the other hand the Mediterranean area where we have contacting flights with 699 Euro starting prices were preferred because of its milder temperature and sales were over our forecast. The summer season which starts after April is the period where Mediterranean and North Europe Routes are preferred.”




Travelers prefer the 5-starred comfort with more reasonable prices and therefore choose cruise holidays, says Tuncel and adds: “Instead of spending the whole day in the same holiday village, travelers prefer to explore 5 different cities / countries and do not have to pack & re-pack every time, this is important.




Stating that their customers return from their trips with a 100% of satisfaction, Tuncel tells that serving both locally and internationally with high quality comfort is what makes MSC Cruise preferable.

The final period of early booking is going to end on the 28th of February.

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