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Floating Airports Becoming Real?

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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We know that in Turkey we do have an airport built on the sea, which is the Ordu-Giresun Airport just newly opened to service. But even this one has its connection to the land.


Nowadays, there are discussions about Island Airports, totally surrounded by water, built on the water itself.

Airports have the necessity to be built on very large areas not only for the terminals and service buildings but especially for their runways.

The necessity of thousands of miles have brought the idea to build the airports on the sea.


Having been inspired by the ships which enable jets to land and take off, a ship like Island came up with the projects. The floating airports, which by the way thanks to the waves and sun can produce its own energy.

According to CNN news the idea of a floating airport was discussed many times in the past. However due to limited economical sources and the somehow being safe on land feeling of the people have delayed all projects.


Renowned architect Norman Foster came up with the “Boris Island” Project which he named after the former mayor of London, Boris Johnson. But also his one was rejected.

Architecture company Gensler submitted another Project where they located the floating airport directly on the River Thames and connected it with tunnels including railways to the land. This 63 billion US Dollars Project was also rejected but all of them proof that the technology exists and realization is a matter of time only.



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