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From One Election to Another

From One Election to Another
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We have just left behind the nations June the 7th General Election. With an election full of surprises, there’s no doubt that Turkey is on its way to a more colourful, vibrant political future.

My guess is, rather than early elections, whatever happens, our country will have a democratic form of government that is sensitive to the choices of our people. It seems almost impossible to place a bet on who will be the next minister, as I mentioned in my previous article, with a coalition government. Therefore I will share speculations on this matter with you in the future.

Now we go onto a second election, which concerns the world of Tourism. The backbone of Tourism, The Association of Turkey’s Travel Agencies Union’s 22. Annual Congress will take place, in December.

On one side, there is Mr Basaran Ulusoy who has been getting stronger after each election for the last 16 years, and putting this strength and devoting his life to Turkish Tourism.

On the other side, is Hello Tourism’s owner Mr Emin Cakmak who has been preparing his election campaign for almost 10 years in order to topple Mr Ulusoy.

To tell you from the start, I believe, the closing swing in the 2013 General Assembly Elections will widen further and take Mr Basaran Ulusoy to the finishing line.

Because it looks like Mr Emin Cakmak has lost all hope. When we look at his latest statements, he seems to be repeating himself and we see a system-damaging strategy of “eternal opposition” by not offering new solutions. I don’t think the agencies are taking these sorts of statements seriously.

Likewise, it is possible to see the same reluctance on his social media accounts. He seems to have to lost this area to Mr Basaran Ulusoy as Mr Emin Cakmak is not using social media as vigorously as he used to. By sharing every step, every handshake with his followers, the existent Chairman keeps us posted on his policies and programs via social media.

Needless to say there is still 6 months till the elections and there will be ups and downs on both sides’ performances. But, I don’t believe as a frequent traveller and a citizen of this country, a candidate who lost his enthusiasm and he’s not convincing us to provide added value to the sector, will be productive.


We will see what will happen in the next 6 months. In the end, the judgement will be by our dear Agencies.

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