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Gorgeous Castles in Germany to Visit

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Having experienced many wars, the German castles are like historical mirrors and reflect what everything has been gone through the years.

Like the Neuschwanstein Castle, these castles attract millions of people each year and are nowadays being used as hotels, museums, government buildings and even some are private properties.

Eltz Castle


Some of you might have noticed that this castle also is located at one side of the old Germany Money Deutsche Mark, the Eltz Castle. This castle has survived since the medieval times and is now a property of the Eltz’ families 33th generation.


Althoff Grandhotel Castle


Served as a military hospital, a school or refugee center, the Althoff Grandhotel Castle has been renovated in 2000 and is now a hotel with 120 rooms and 3 Michelin starred restaurants.



Sadaburg Castle is one of the destinations families mostly prefer as their holiday place due to its fairytale like architecture and closeness to the Tierpark which is the biggest wild animals’ zoo in Europe.


Eisenach: Wartburg

A deep forest has to be passed first in order to reach the caste Wartburg which has had guests like Martin Luther and Wagner.

Schloss Elmau


Worldwide known two famous spa hotels, restaurants, yoga centers, Hamman, pools and concert halls make this castle one of the most preferred holiday destinations.

Schwerin Castle


Located in the middle of the Schwerin Lake, the history of the castle goes back to 792 and is now serving as a museum and State Parliament.



Dornburg Castle is one of the German Poet Goethe’s favorite places and exhibits some of his Works nowadays. The castle can only be reached with special tours, it goes back to the year 1573.

Kronberg Castle


A one day trip from Frankfurt leads the visitors to Queen Victoria’s castle full of antiques. The castle also has restaurants, a bar and a golf course.

Neuschwanstein Castle

ERDXRD Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Ostallgau, Allgau, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany

This castle was not designed by an architect, King Ludwig 2. Wanted it to be designed by a theater stage designer and the outcome is a crownlike castle shining on the Bavaria Alps.


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