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Turkey : Healing Water Paradise

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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As health tourism becomes more and more popular these days, so are natural spring waters getting more important for the ones who look after the healing power from the nature itself.


Having more than 300 thermal sources (healing natural spring waters) and modern facilities around these sources in order to enable the comfort for both domestic and foreign tourists, it is also a big keystone for the Tourism Economy.

Turkey is the 7. Country when it comes to richness of natural sources for spring waters thanks to its climate and geographical status. The mineral values of the springs like Havza, Yalova Gönen, Kızılcahamam and Pamukkale are richer when compared to the ones in Europe.

Thermal treatment centers:

Bursa Region
Bursa has a lot of hot springs and can be named the health center in fact. Some of them known as having healing effects for rheumatism and skin diseases are as follows:

The Oylat, Kara Mustafa Waters (Gümüşsuyu), the Old Kaplica in the city center and the Celik Palace Hotel (Çekirge Springs), Yenikaplıca and Kaynarca Hamamı (Bath)


Yalova Region

Mostly settled in the areas of Termal and Armutlu serve their guests with many hotels and facilities according to comfort and economical statuses. If you want to present your body a detoxing cure, Armutlu would be the right address. Also for stomach diseases.

Bolu Region

Around 23 years ago, Bolu was announced as the center for thermal tourism. There is even a physical therapy and rehabilitation center in Bolu.


The spring waters in Bolu are known to be curing kidney, female and skin diseases.

Afyon Region

Rheumatism, stroke, pharyngitis and again skin diseases are known to be cured within Afyon’s thermal sources having very optional choices for accommodation like villas and apart hotels.

Hüdai, Ömer, Heybeli, Gazlıgöl and Sarıkaya spring waters are hosting more than 5 thousand guests every day.


Kızılcahamam (Ankara)

Liver, kidney, stomach and respiratory tract likewise skin, heart and circulation system diseases are known to be healed within the spring waters of Kızılcahamam, Ayaş and Haymana.


Balıkesir Region

Gönen, Edremit and Susurluk have also many thermal facilities and hot spring waters.


And Pamukkale

Kidney stones and gravels are believed to be healed by drinking these spring waters of around 33 to 35 degree Celsius. They are also known to be curing diseases like: hearth, vessel stiffness, blood pressure, rheumatism, eye, skin, stroke and vascular diseases.


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