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Here, The Best Cruise Destinations of China

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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English daily newspaper Sunday Express, listed “The Best Cruise Destinations of China”. There, the 5 of them below, while there is only 5 in the list as well…

One of the most important regions of China; Hong-Kong, the capital city Beijing, the biggest city of the country Shanghai, the longest river of Asia; Yangtze and China’s touristic destination Sanya are in this list. Here, The Best Cruise Destinations of China, one is more beautiful than the other one with its unique characters.

Hong- Kong

Hong-Kong, which connects The New Territories and Kowloon peninsulas, contains 235 little islands. The city which is the one of the important touristic, commercial and port region, Hong-Kong, attracts the attention with its dynamism, coulourful ambiance and touristic destinations as it does the same with the cruise travel.

A wonderful visit and shopping experience at this famous destination of the city of Tsim Sha Tsui is waiting for you during your trip as the China art at the Hong-Kong Art Museum, the chance of seeing all island by taking the ferries and a new adventure in Victoria Peak Mountain do too.


Hong Kong


The cruise ships anchors to port of historical voyage at Beijing. You should drop over the wonders of the world like Tiananmen Square, Palace Museum, Imperial Palace, Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Agriculture Temple, Sky Temple at Beijing which have hosted many empires.


The Great Walls of China, Beijing


The biggest and the most important port city of China, Shanghai was the host city of the Expo 2010, Formula 1 and ‘Live Eart’ concerts. You can visit the important works of world like Yu Yuan Gardens, Huangpu River, Buddha Temple during your Shanghai explorition.



Yangtze River

Yangtze River, which is the third biggest river in the world, is one of the important cruise destinations should absolutely be seen. Crown your trip at Yangtze, which is like a heaven with its wonderful scenes and greeneries.


Yangtze River


The sea, forest and shopping is kept together at Sanya! You could feel the fresh air at the rain forests, explore the history of China from Nanshan Temple and enjoy the sea at the Dadnghai and Asian Dragon Bay Beach.



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