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Here The Celebrities On Taj Mahal Visit

Beste Eşerler
Beste Eşerler
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Just after the visit of famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio beautiful memorial Taj Mahal, we would like to collect this stream between familiar faces since longtime. Here, the celebrities on Taj Mahal visit, from actors to political actors…

Who could say no to a love memorial than one emperor made it for his one and only, dearest wife? No one; just like as celebrities… Taj Mahal, the most powerful love story of India comes to front side with celebrities now…


Photo: Tim Graham

Princess Diana

How this princess doesn’t visit the most famous memorial in the world, when we say love? She is still a memorial of the power of love herself anyway…


Photo: Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

The man of impressions… He visited it, took some photos and shared his ideas about this Taj Mahal visit on his Facebook account.


Photo: Strdel / AFP

Julia Roberts

All Julia Roberts fans are quite awake that the famous actress love mystical places. Just like Taj Mahal! There, she is on the visit in 2009 while shooting Eat, Pray and Love movie.


John Macdougdl / AFP

Vladimir Putin

2000… Putin was still married with his wife Ludmila that he had divorced in 2014. They did not forget to stop by Taj Mahal while a political visit to India. Seems that he was in love with her, right?


Photo: Strdel / AFP

Oprah Winfrey

The most famous female talk show host Oprah Winfrey has influenced from this stream too. She visited this famous memorial Taj Mahal during her first India visit in 2012.


Photo: Manish Swarup / AP

Tom Cruise

When it’s about a new region or a new tendency, it’s totally possible to see Tom Cruise there as well. The handsome actor was in Taj Mahal during the promotions of one of the Mission Impossible movies in 2011.


We bring all celebrities together on their Taj Mahal visit for you. So, would you like to be the next one to visit this love memorial soon?

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