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Here’s World’s Least Safe Airlines for 2016

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Some of the airline company’s report card not shine bright like a diamond. Here’s the result of least safe airline companies.

AirlineRatings.com examined all of the information of the airline companies in terms of incident reports, fatality records and operational excellence.

The results of assessments show us the safest airlines became Qantas Airlines with 7 stars.

Here’s the least safe  top 10 airlines qualified with one or zero stars for 2016:

1) Batik Air

2) Bluewing Airlines

3) Citilink

4) Kal-Star Aviation

5) Lion Air

6) Sriwijaya Air

7) TransNusa

8) Trigana Air Service

9) Wings Air

10) Xpress Air

As you remember last year humanity faced through two serious crashes which made pilot’s mental wellbeing a current issue after the incident of Germanwings in March 2015 crashing to French Alps because of the pilot Andreas Lubitz’s suicidal tendencies.

But Germanwings has seven star safety ranking for 2016. AirlineRatings.com editor Geoffrey Thomas  explained the situation:

“In our rating system, which is endorsed by aviation’s governing body the International Civil Aviation Organisation, if deaths occurred through acts of terrorism, high jacking or pilot suicide, they are not included in the crash record,”

If one airline crash and that crash resulted with death of  passanger and or crew lose a star from its safety-rating rankings.

Two leader European budget airline companies easyJet and Ryanair is also carried 180 million passenger with no incident.

Keep your mind when you choosing.

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