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Hitler Themed Cafe Reopens In Indonesia

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2703C18F00000578-0-image-a-90_1427377007896SoldatenKaffee is a a Nazi-themed cafe in Bandung, Indonesia’s third largest city, first opened in 2011, gained the attention of the English-language Jakarta Globe, and subsequently the international media. The story sparked global outrage. The cafe’s owner received death threats and was summoned by local authorities to explain his motives.

Soldaten Kaffee, or Soldier’s Café, takes its name from a Parisian coffee shop popular with German soldiers during WWII. It closed last July following pressure from the international community. Its owner, Henry Mulyana says he has no sympathy for Hitler, the cafe’s theme is solely pop-culture. 

Now that the cafe reopened it also features pictures of Stalin and Churchill, mannequins wearing different military uniforms, and a variety of British, French, American, Japanese and Dutch military memorabilia. There have been other adjustments. Gone are the Giant Nazi flags and Waffen SS propaganda that graced its red walls. Customers can no longer order “Nazi goreng” (a revisited version of traditional Indonesian fried rice dish “nasi goreng”) served on swastika-motif china, by a waiter wearing an SS uniform.







”All aspects of the Soldaten Kaffee are legal. We have a lot of customers from Europe, and they don’t have a problem with the WWII theme because it is seen here from a historical perspective.” says the owner.


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