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Honeyed Days Of Turkey

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Ceyda Arınç
Ceyda Arınç
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Bee Growers Association of Turkey is the only NGO representing bees and beekeepers in Turkey with excess of 58,000 members in 80 cities. On 24-26 February, at Harbiye Military Museum, an event called ‘Honeyed Days’ will be organized where manufacturers will be able to make sales.

The event is being held for the 4th time this year and once again honey and bee products will be discovered and everything there is to know about them will be discussed. The event hosted 12,000 visitors last year and this year is targeting a wider audience with questions such as; ‘how can fake honey be fathomed?’,  ‘according to which criteria do you need to select honey for use’, ‘what kind of honey is good for what’, ‘what does it take to become a better honey producer’. The answers will be provided by experts in the area.



Honey and bee products are one of the loco-motive sectors in Turkey. Manufacturers have been growing at such a pace in the past 3 years and the growth is expected to continue in 2017. The target for 10,000 tons of export was reached in 2016.


Turkey Is Number One In Pine Honey 

Turkey is the leader especially in Pine honey production and export areas for years and Turkish honey producers make up 90% of the world’s pine honey production alone. The main countries Turkey exports to are; particularly Germany, European Union countries, the Arab countries, the USA and Far East countries. Turkey is also homeland to one out of every 5 bee types on earth.


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