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HotelsPro ’s New Regional VP for MEA and South Asia

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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HotelsPro is a trademark of MetGlobal having all over the World hundreds of thousands hotel choices, travel and accommodation services with its professional team supporting online reservations. HotelsPro has announced its new Director, Mr.Alaeddin Jebrini Erkan who will be responsible for the Middle East, Africa and the South Asia region.

HotelsPro General Manager Nevgül Bilsel Safkan talked about Erkan’s joining their team: “We are happy that a name like Alaeddin Jebrini Erkan who has a regarded success with his work in the Middle East region within powerful trademarks in the tourism industry joins the HotelsPro family. We truly believe that as HotelsPro, being one of the special wholesalers in the travel industry is going to reach its targets in the Middle East, African Countries and Asian Countries with his contributions faster.”





HotelsPro Services

HotelsPro is serving in the field of tourism with 15 thousand agencies, the possibility of 22 different languages within the website, free membership opportunities, and tickets for events like theater, city tours all over the World. It serves all across the World in regions of Europe, Turkey, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Africa, America and Canada together with the most known hotel chains within 190 countries and more than 11 thousand destinations and 95 thousand hotels.



Alaeddin Jebrini Erkan is an Expert with his Experiences

Not only is Erkan well experienced in the tourism and travel industry especially when it comes to business development and online services, but he also has the skill of strategic planning and management of Professional teams. Also in international sales he is a real expert and will be responsible for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions of HotelsPro.

After having graduated in 1992 from the Istanbul Technical University, Alaedding Jebrini Erkan continued his education in Marmara University.

Starting his Professional career with Emirates Tours in Istanbul in 1992, he was in the managing position at the same company until 2001. After that, Erkan moved to Los Angeles and started his position in the Elbiali Group as a Sales Director.

After his task duration in the USA, he was transferred to Dubai as Avionics Travel & Tourism company’s CEO. Then he continued to work in Dubai World Investment Management company as a Senior Travel Manager. In 2009, he started to work as a business developer in the UAE based company Al Nasr International until he changed to Dubai Link’s Travel&Tours company and became General Manager.

And in 2016, Erkan became the Director of HotelsPro’s Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions.

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