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It’s Time To Invest In The Sun !

It's Time Invest in The Sun !
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Solar energy, in comparison to other sources of energy, appears to be the only energy that is both renewable and doesn’t harm nature.

Besides this, it had more advantages than other renewable energy sources as the state/government guarantees the purchase for 13.3 US dollar cent for 10 years. (In wind energy this figure is 7,3 US dollar cent, and in HPP it’s again 7,3 US dollar cent).

Whereas other power plants require high financing, solar energy is an accessible investment that can be achieved with 3-4 partners with costing as little as 1 million Euros. So it is easier financing solar energy, as any investor may not get the money to build HPP or RES.

Just as it needs low financing it is also reasonably financed by international investment funds to support clean energy.

Assigning the guaranteed selling of projects, electricity financing can be achieved, without any secure bond or mortgage.

Even just this can prove that this is the right project to invest in; without proper feasibility no financial institution would invest money without any assurance.

We can list the advantages of solar energy as follows:

  • It’s a boundless, clean source of energy,
  • Ample quantities to be found,
  • Non-dependent on another country,
  • It’s a cheap source excluding set-up costs,
  • No transportation problems,
  • A cost-free source,
  • Purchase prices are about 55% more advantageous than hydro and wind power, according to YEKDEM’s framework,
  • From the start it’s easier to get overseas and domestic investment finance for the projects.

In light of this knowledge, I see this solar energy investment as a profitable investment tool for investors from the planning to the point that it starts to produce energy and beyond.

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