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Jason Paul: When A Freerunner Misses the Flight

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Jason Paul is a very disciplined freerunner since the age of 14. In Turkey, he is well-known for his scenes full of action in the videos he made in the Istanbul Haydarpasa Port and Kayakoy.




“Free Running is like a kid on the playground,” says world-class free runner, Jason Paul. “They run around, try new things and test out their limits”. Jason’s fascination for his sport is still as vivacious today as it was back in 2005 when he first caught the free running bug.

Kayaköy Video

Haydarpasa Port Video

As for now, he just shot a freerunning video in the Munich Airport which was sponsored by Red Bull.



Last Call For Mr.Paul

Everyone knows how extraordinary the sound for “the last call” in airports may sound sometimes. However, if the last call is made for a “freerunner” things might get a little more complicated.

Red Bull, Lufthansa and Munich Airport cooperated in this short video full of action scenes where Jason Paul free”runs” to the plane starting from the security check point.


Somersaults off trollies, flips over escalators and daring jumps from the gangway – Paul tries everything in his power in make a flight to Ibiza in his new video.

There are certain times for Paul when he travels all over the World, even to more than 34 destinations within a single year and does his freerunning moves. But doing this at the airport and “breaking the rules but officially” makes him more than excited.


The sport freerunning requires extreme attention and the must to have an intelligence like an engineer. Otherwise one will never count where to stop and encounter the most dangerous accidents.


To watch the video please follow the link below:



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