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Latest Harvard Study Reveals Some Airbnb Host “Racist”

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According to latest study from Harvard Business School, African-Americans have 16%  less change to get room on Airbnb because of the some host racist point of view.

The study of the Harvard Business School became searching 6.400 messages that sent out Airbnb hosts in 5 cities which are listed as Washington, Baltimore, St Louis, Los Angeles and Dallas-.

So users of the Airbnb got fake names Greg O’Brien, Laurie Ryan, Tyrone Robinson and Latoya Williams for testing the sytem they sending room request for households.

One of the most valuable startup of the world Airbnb, has 2 million listing all around to world and helped the home owners’ to rent room or entire home on platform. Until today Airbnb serving over 4o million guest from the 190 countries.

But some of the host seemed racist the study shows some home owner rejected some request if they understand African-American sounding last names.

But you can clearly see the statement of Airbnb : “We welcome the opportunity to work with anyone that can help us reduce potential discrimination in the Airbnb community. We are in touch with the authors of this study and we look forward to a continuing dialogue with them.”

then the other statement of Airbnb says : “We are committed to making Airbnb one of the most open, trusted, diverse, transparent communities in the world”

Study’s authors highlighted that : “the manager of a Holiday Inn cannot examine names of potential guests and reject them based on race. Yet, this is commonplace on Airbnb, which now accounts for a growing share of the hotel market.”

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