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Lyft Ally With Hertz and Shell Aganist Uber

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All the other car rental firms, ride sharing startups will be against the unstoppable rising of Uber as you know, Uber is currently most valuable startup in the world and every other companies which are giving the same service, Hertz started to combine the forces.

Lyft which the  present itself taxi and bus alternative ride sharing app, launch insant pay feature and come together with Hertz and Shell for the new partnership is about giving discounted gas and lower rate renting car options.

Before the Uber, Lyft seen as second best , for this reason, working on strategic partnership against common enemy. So after the partnership with Shell Lyft drivers able to earn per gallon , Lyft also extends this partnership across the U.S Also maybe drivers fill up free.

Lyft trying to be better alternative for the drivers than Uber . For this reason they gave Starbucks loyalty card , discounted third party healthcare , launched car loan program , Express pay and tax filling service

Lyft explains itself better on its blog post :

“Now you don’t even have to own a car to be a Lyft driver. Today, we announced a Hertz pilot program. Already live in Las Vegas, Hertz cars are available to Lyft drivers at special affordable daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Approved drivers can quickly rent cars on-demand and earn money as a Lyft driver with no long-term lease commitment.”

And they also mentioned about Shell partnership too:

“We’re introducing an exclusive partnership with Shell Fuel Rewards that will significantly reduce the amount of money Lyft drivers pay for fuel at participating Shell stations.

With Lyft’s Shell Fuel Rewards, the more you drive, the more you save. Based on the number of rides you give in a week, you’ll earn a discount – anywhere from 3 cents per gallon, to several free tanks per week!”

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