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maiden tower
Sedat Bornovalı
Sedat Bornovalı
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When we imagine Istanbul the Maiden Tower we often picture the Maiden Tower; it is an essential poster of the city.

The Maiden Tower is a pretty one, there’s no need to deny it nor is it possible. As those who were old enough remember it didn’t participate in city life for a long time and after the restoration it was utilised as a place to enjoy. With people coming and going all the time and the beautiful scenery it is recognised as very pleasing and a source of pride.

In spite of all of this, The Maiden tower is an ordinary one comparing to other towers in the world. It’s may be a coincidence, in my personal experience with visitors who I have met over the decades, I have never encountered a single tourist who wanted to know more about the tower or insisted on visiting,

Below is the main point of inquiry in this article: Is it the feedback from various multinational subjects provided, for example, focus groups that unprecedentedly puts the Maiden Tower forward?

Or is it the ambition of ‘we must also have a tower’ since London has the Tower of London, Paris’ Eiffel, Toronto’s TV Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa – I guess the tower in Çamlıca has no historical value – what paves the way for Maiden Tower to be our national icon?

Taking into account that the Maiden tower has often been painted by the Western artists of the orient which means that ‘they must have liked it therefore they painted it’. So has it become the idea of ‘we take photos of it generously and return it to them’?

Does the survey carried out amongst the visitors of Istanbul conclude that this tower is in fact an important attraction?

It is a pleasing outcome that Maiden Tower has a high score according to Tripadvisor.com in visitor satisfaction. Outcomes as such, by all means, are immensely satisfactory for us regarding our tourist attractions. However, it is recorded that visiting the Maiden Tower is not even within the top fifty ‘to do list’ in Istanbul. It seems that the Tower is doing a good job as a niche product. However, on the other hand, I wonder if it is fair to put such a heavy weight on the shoulders of this city to promote it.

In my personal experience the double towers of Kuleli Military School and Bab-üs Selam of Topkapı are both definitely photographic figures for foreign visitors. Is there an iconographic reason behind the towers being more attractive when they are twinned ones rather than built singly? I think, this too should be amongst the list of touristic wonderings.

In particular, I also wonder that whether our emotional ties and local memories are actually sufficient in promotions.

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