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Mannequin Challenge Risin’ In The Air?

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The name of the newest social media phenomenon “Mannequin Challenge” has the meaning of the network in its Works. Yes, it is indeed a challenge and you should be staying still like a mannequin. But it has of course more in it than that.

Freezing the daily life and taking the images as a video with a musical background is really famous among the social media users nowadays. It has to be shared too. Famous people like the US President’s wife dear Michelle Obama and even the whole Barcelona Football Team has joined the mainstream.


The more people join the video shooting, the more it is interesting and the more extraordinary figures are given, the video becomes more exciting, so do not stay still during the shooting and do not forget, you are challenging !

If you have not come across such videos, you soon will be and also you are going to recognize how fast it has spread around. There are even “Best Of” lists already consisting of Professional and non-pro videos who have been taken just for fun.


The other day, contractors of the third airport of Istanbul have posted such a video where they focused that “even if life stops, the construction of the airport continues”. By challenging Turkish Airlines on the other hand, they did not have to wait for a long time because the answer came fast, really fast.


The same day, Turkish Airlines posted a Mannequin Challenge video on its official twitter accound and answered the amusing part of their own.

You can take a look at the videos from these accounts:




For the other interesting challenging videos, please check YouTube at the below link:





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