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Masters Tournament was Organized in Portugal

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Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Including two soccer teams from Turkey, 10 teams in total consisting of Gentlemen aged over 50 and 55 attended the Masters World Cup within the dates 26 to 30 May 2016 in the most touristic region of Portugal, that is Algavre.

Turkey was represented by the Navy Masters and Saturday Gunners whose team members joined the tournament totally through their own means. These Gentlemen love playing soccer as being one of the most popular sports not only in our country but also throughout the World.


Saturday Gunners


Navy Masters

This year, the eighth of the tournament was organized. It’s whole name is “The Masters Soccer 5-a-side Tournament” and was first only a part of one fitness Project coordinated by Dr.Harry Hubbal in the Columbia University in 2006.

Nowadays, 10 to 20 soccer teams from different age groups attend the tournament with a constant growing interest every year.

The History of the Tournament:
2006- Chelsea, England
2007- Filzbach, Switzerland
2008- Birmingham, England
2011- Antalya, Turkey
2013- Barcelona, Spain
2014- Verona, Italy
2015- San Sebastian, Spain

2016- Algarve, Portugal

The current coordinator, Trainer from Canada Mr.Mike Sweeney organized the tournament in the famous Alfamar Beach Resort which is also called as the Algavre Gardens and scheduled unforgettable tournament days for his guests with a full program.

Hitting the third place, the Saturday Gunners also won the championship of penalties whereas the Navy Masters got to the finals.

The other teams attending the tournament were: The Ancient Albion Britons, England Old Stars, Aston University Vets, English Amateurs, Ye Olde English Fat Boys, Team North America, and Morocco Masters.

Together with their spirited audience, the teams gathered from around the World in order to emphasize that the love for sports and football is more important than scoring goals.



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