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Mobile Devices, How Do They Affect the Accommodation Sector?

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It has become the number one way to increase sales while Hotel guests make their travel plans or even during their travels. Therefore, understanding how mobile devices affect the accommodation sector will benefit greatly in your establishments all sales and marketing.

The increased rate of online reservations is good news for establishments… On top of this, an increasingly large part of reservations made from mobile devices is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.  The majority of the new generation of guests do not like to do their travel plans months ahead as there previous generations did. They tend to keep their options open until the last moment and to make their decisions at the last minute. Yet many establishments are not able to keep up with this major change. While some establishments are creating their new websites most of them are overlooking the importance of mobile devices.

It is a very important advantage for the establishments that recognize early on the effect of mobile devices on the sector. The establishments that aren’t offered or unavailable on mobile devices are doomed to fall behind in the competition.

Instant decisions on mobile devices…

The research shows, after analysing the data taken from millions of mobile users, that 60% of people who do their reservations on mobile devices check in the same day.

Shorter-staying periods

Usually, these instant decisions result in a shorter period of staying.  70% of the reservations are made for one-night stays. Taking into account 2 night stays, this ratio rises to 90%.

Economic options are more popular

The majority of guests booking on mobile devices take advantage of economical options. Especially last minute reservations offered on mobile device for 2 or 3 star establishments, 42% of users choose 2 star hotels. This numbers on accommodation sector shows that it is inevitable for establishments, offering more economical options, to pay more attention to mobile devices.

Because about 10% of all online reservations are booked on mobile devices in the last 3 years means that the establishments that aren’t reaching out to their guests on mobile platforms are missing 1 out of 10 potential sales. This ratio will increase in the years to come and establishments that are not on mobile platforms will lose half of their sales to their competitors. That is exactly why establishments like HotelRunner, which is compatible with mobile devices, so they’re not losing out on reservations made on mobile devices.




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