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Rob Whitworth: Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The international award winning film maker Rob Whitworth is well known for his videos in time-lapse technology. Shooting Dubai, Barcelona and İstanbul before with this technology, he now made one for Turkish Airlines of Cappadocia, the historical region in Central Anatolia, Turkey.


Named “Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia” the short but flow-motion film shows the beautiful colors of the Cappadocia region in every aspect clearer than ever. The images brought with time-lapse together awakens an active but smooth vision for the watcher and is also available in 4K technology.

The opening is done with the colorful balloons which are now the symbols Cappadocia. Almost every tourist want to experience the balloon ride once visiting Cappadocia. The images flow then to the fairy chimneys and suddenly with a transition lets one inside the historical mansions.


Night and day, all seasons and even souvenirs are captured in the flow-motion images.

The ones who did not visit Cappadocia before feel like being there but certainly add this destination to their bucket list. And the ones who have been there remember the beautiful experience and want to go again.


Turkish Airlines met with Rob Whitworth during the first time-lapse film of Istanbul in 2015. After this success, the brand wanted to work again with the director and Turkish Airlines is sure that “Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia” is as attractive as “Istanbul | Flow Through the City of Tales” short film too.

The social, cultural, natural and historical aspects come together and not only let the image flow in front of the eyes but also leave the “all in one package” feeling after watching.


Rob Whitworth films have been watched more than 9 million times in Vimeo. Below you can find some of the links for his time-lapse Works:










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