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Smart Luggage for Technology Fans

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The traditional suit cases are out of our time so to say. Nowadays, the luggage is being equipped with technological devices.



More and more manufacturers are serving suitcases as smart cases having the ability to charge your mobile devices or locating places. Bluesmart and Samsonite were the first brands to produce such suit cases. It is known that towards the end of 2016 Tumi will also be launching a new technological product with AT&T and LugTrack cooperation.


What are the features of these cases ?

  1. Raden


Charging unit, GPS technology and measuring its own weight. Raden has even its self-application with which you can check for the airport transportation road possibilities and waiting times likewise the weather forecast of the destination.


It has two different sizes and seven colors in the market and Raden suit cases cost around 595 US Dollars.



  1. Away


USB cable and the battery has to be charged for around 4 hours before it can charge Iphones for five times. The light case made of polycarbonate costs 225 US Dollars and is provided in green, blue, black and sand colors.

Bluesmart Luggage


  1. Rimowa

118 years of German experience behind the brand enables passengers to track their luggage via codes on the digital screen on the case itself. Do not be sorry that only Lufthansa airlines are using this coding system, in the near future all airlines will be switching to this.

Thanks to the code, no luggage will be lost ever again.

The cases can be found with many different color alternatives and sizes, costing around 670 US Dollars.



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