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Smart Umbrella is Coming to Save Lives

Smart Umbrella is Coming to Save Lives
Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Kamel Badawi, an Arabian scientist and his partner Manal Dandis cooperate in the study to ease the life of Muslims during their pilgrimage way more than they are doing since many years now.

Having designed one umbrella, they now sign up for a Project to even save the lives of many people who suffer from the heat. The umbrella, named “Kafka” has a fan working with solar power and also an integrated GPS system which will enable its user to find its path and communicate at the same time.


That is not everything the umbrella can do. The useful umbrella has also 3 USB places to enable electronic devices to charge their batteries.

Badawi explains with the following words why they have decided to produce such an umbrella:

“There is a high demand for umbrellas, especially in Europe. They are also much used in the pilgrimage season in Mecca. However, the pilgrims use umbrellas in order to protect themselves from the sun. No one thinks about that an umbrella can have more than one place of usage. As we started brainstorming about this subject we found out that by adding a fan to the umbrella, we could supply the user with the necessary coolness”.


According to the meteorological studies, the Middle East region will be having very hot times in the coming 12 years which was also one key reason these two scientists got to work. However, not only pilgrims are going to benefit from the umbrellas. Everyone living in or travelling to hot places might get use of it.

Nowadays, the two partners are studying to produce one prototype and get the license for it. After that, they are planning to supply the market with the umbrella having reasonable price levels so that everyone demands can get one. However, in order to produce in mass, they know that they need some organizational assistance which they hopefully are going to find.


Source: gaia magazine, true activist

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