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World Tour with Solar Power: Solar Impulse 2

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The Target is Set: Keep the environment safe by using renewable energy, which means energy sourcing from sun and does not spread emission. The vehicle on the other hand is the 72-meter-long plane with its 17 thousand 248 sun cells on its wings, the Solar Impulse 2 weighing only 2,3 tons.


Thanks to its lithium batteries, the Solar Impulse 2 is able to fly during night time while storing solar energy during day time.

It started the planned World tour on 05 March 2015 from Abu Dhabi. It stopped in Oman, India, Myanmar, China, Japan and Hawaii. Due to the strong winds in Japan and hot weather in Hawaii, it had to stop for longer time than estimated and received maintenance and repair processes.


When the World tour is finalized, Solar Impulse 2 is going to be the first plane to do this with solar energy as will its innovators and pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg be the first human beings to do so.

Flying around 45 kilometers an hour, Solar Impulse 2 has wings long as Boeing 747 jumbo jets.



Nowadays it is continuing its route from Pennsylvania to New York, then West Europe over the Atlantic Ocean and to South Africa. After stopping in the Mediterranean, it is going to be at the point where all this history started, in Abu Dhabi.

Solar Impulse 2 is a beautiful truth of the projected imaginations being realized.

The Solar Impulse 2 plane is seen on a maintenance flight over Hawaii performed by the test pilot Markus Scherdel in a handout picture taken March 27, 2016, and released April 14, 2016.  When weather conditions are correct, the Solar Impulse 2 will resume its Round-The-World Solar Flight and take off for the U.S. West Coast with Bertrand Piccard at the controls, according to a news release. REUTERS/Solar Impulse 2/Jean Revillard/Handout via Reuters  ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. REUTERS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE. EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVE. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS.

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Dear Mr.Hussain, First of all I would like to thank you for your message and sorry for my late response. I will surely check the invention and with your help write an article about it if this is also appropriate for your side. Does this link below belong to you also? http://www.bydanjohnson.com/showsplog.cfm?id=1867 Best Regards from İstanbul, Leyla Güvenç

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