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Suitable Accommodation Instead of Reasonable Prices

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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While we make a budget for our holidays, we can clearly see that “accommodation” gets almost always the bigger part of the cake. Once realizing this, the traveler decides to cut on other expenses and accepts to explore less.




If you would like to have both comfort and do not want to destabilize your budget, please have a look at the below points where you can surely find some ways to increase the savings for your travel and accommodation :

Prefer to Stay at a Hotel Outside the City Center

You can make a reservation from one of the close hotels to the city center on the condition that this will not lead you to pay more for transportation costs.




A Suit Instead of Single Rooms

When you decide to take a vacation with the whole family, meaning kids and more, try to make reservation of a suit room rather than single rooms for each family member. Those suits are far more comfortable and bigger. Also, you will recognize that suits may be cheaper than many rooms booked separately.


Prefer Business Hotels

Although if you just go on a vacation without any business meetings and more, prefer the hotels which also serve to the business World. Because other than the week days and exhibition or meeting days, these hotels are offering much more cheaper rooms.

Get Advantage of Hotel Memberships

If you are the kind of traveler who prefers to stay at certain hotels or hotels that belong to a chain, try being a member of any program which is going to bring you many advantages during and after your accommodation.

Eat Your Meals Outside the Hotel

During your vacation, try eating outside the hotel which is going to bring you the opportunity to taste different food and pay much less.



Prefer Week Days Rather Than Weekends

Popular destinations have more expensive room rates during weekend accommodation than in the week days. If you have the opportunity try to schedule your vacation accordingly.

Enjoy !

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