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Swimming from the Sakız Island (Chios) to Cesme

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The first of July was celebrated as the Navigation and Coasting Day in Turkey. Taking this opportunity, open sea swimmers Seda Noyan Kansuk, her husband Memduh Kansuk and their friends Elif Okur and Sadi Gödek swam together from the Sakız (Chios) Island Greece, to Cesme in 6,5 hours. They preferred to replace each other once every hour like in a flag race.

Mrs. Seda started the swimming around 11.30 from Greece and she was accompanied by a boat and vessel. After one hour of her start, her husband and her friends exchanged her until reaching the coast of Cesme.


100 meters before reaching Cesme coast, all four swimmers began to swim together and Mr.Mustafa Erkayıran (Cesme District Governor) welcomed the team together with Chamber of Shipping Izmir Branch President Yusuf Öztürk , the members of protocol and a crowded group of followers.

Seda Kansuk Noyan and her friends opened the Turkish flag within the sea before reaching the coast. The swimmers had the flag all the way long with them while swimming from Greece. The audience cheerfully applauded while handing the flag over to Mr.Erkayıran who also received the flag kissing like the swimmers did.


Mrs.Seda said proudly that they had swam around 7,5 miles during the Navigation and Coasting Day activities and came across challenges like 2 meters high waves.

She said: “It was very important for me to realize this in such a meaningful day and organization. Having completed the event feels so proud. We reached Cesme carrying our flag with us together with my friends’ side by side. Next year, we are looking forward to be a part of an international organization and realize it once more”

 Besides the swimming activity, there were also swimming and many other competitions, different games during the celebrations. Hole Cesme coast was like in a festival mood and also had the privilege to watch pilot Hakan Cetinkaya doing the Gyrocopter flight in the air.


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