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Technology We Will Be Using Soon

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Although it is not such an old innovation, nowadays the new generation is born into houses with mobile phones which are more in number than the people living in there.


It was 1973 when Motorola engineer Martin Cooper innovated the cell phones.

Cooper is now at the age of 74 and observes the quick change of the cell phones from being an 850 gr brick stone to an 80 / 90 gr weighing fashionable device. According to him, this is just the beginning.

Soon, there will be cell phone connected to our ears like rings and we are going to be able to call our friends with the power of thinking.

Yes, these innovations are no longer dreams. Let us have a look together which new devices are going to be in our lives soon:


Virtual Reality

Currently Samsung, Facebook and Google use this technology and some of you might have met and experienced it already. Even the applications for the VR technology rises in number everyday and we are able to travel to New York and its streets without standing up from the chair. The next step is going to be that the VR technology is integrated in movies and the business world too.


Google and Levi’s Cooperation

Do not try to guess how these two brand marks came together. The ones who have read our article about the smart luggage (http://en.turizmglobal.com/smart-luggage-for-technology-fans/) know very well that equipment change to the direction that our cell phones are easily used and batteries are full thanks to them.

Now, Levi’s has produced a smart jacket and Google equipped it with sensors so that it detects our hand moves and thanks to its touch pad feature it is synchronized with our cell phones. After now, when a call is incoming, we can answer them by touching our arm and change the music we dislike with our buttons.


Basketball lovers will love this ball

Wilson X has added to the famous Wilson brand marked sport products. The integrated sensors are counting your number of baskets shut and sends it to your mobile phone. Available for IOS phones nowadays, Android is also going to launch it soon.


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